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Bromar Electrical Services (Aust) Pty Ltd is a leading industrial electrical contracting business serving clients throughout Australia and overseas.


Andrew Brock and Russel Martyn established Bromar in Melbourne in 1988. The new company was the acquisition vehicle for three well-established electrical contracting firms:

- Michielen Brothers Pty. Ltd. (a firm with 28 years previous contracting history)
- Brock Electrical Services Pty. Ltd.
- R.K. & G.F. Martyn Pty. Ltd.

With established client relationships, efficient project management procedures and the capability to undertake major electrical infra-structure projects of any scale, Bromar rapidly expanded its client base.


Since day one, Bromar has taken great pride in squarely meeting clients' expectations. Over a period of 25 years, Bromar has developed a solid reputation for delivering on time and on budget.

This straightforward and consistent approach has helped Bromar build an extensive list of returning clients as well as new clients referred by word-of-mouth endorsement.


In 1998, Bromar Enersave was established - a new division of Bromar, dedicated to providing industrial clients with power quality solutions.

Bromar Enersave technology corrects power factor in poor quality mains supply electricity and reduces the unwanted effects of power supply harmonics. For Bromar Enersave clients, improved power supply quality means less total current consumed and lower electricity costs.

To satisfy increasing demand from clients seeking a broad range of solutions to rising energy costs, Bromar Enersave's business has expanded into a full range of consultancy, design, installation and maintenance services geared to maximize the energy efficiency of our clients' buildings and plant.

Bromar Enersave also provides our clients with a range of renewable energy system solutions including:

- large scale photovoltaic solar electricity systems
- large scale solar hot water systems
- wind turbine systems
- co-generation systems (combined heat and power)
- tri-generation systems (combined cooling, heat and power).


CEO of Bromar Electrical Services (Aust) Pty Ltd is co-founder Andrew Brock and Chief Operations Manager is Tim Purdy.

Bromar's headquarters are in Westmeadows, centrally located to Melbourne's north-western commercial and industrial precincts with convenient access to Melbourne's major road and air transport routes.

Bromar's facilities include a modern factory for the in-house manufacture of switchboards, automated control systems and power factor correction equipment.

Our client focus today is just as it was on day one, 25 years ago: we consistently aim to squarely meet our clients' expectations.

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